Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Garden foliage collection....the remains!

During the construction of my house I lost many many plants to careless workers who couldn't understand why I was so bothered about saving them. Even though we moved the pots umpteen number of times trying to keep them out of the way we still lost many to falling rubble, careless handling etc. These are the few that I have left. You will notice I'm partial to green.
Though I do love flowers they seem to be more like 'fair weather friends' whereas the greenery is always there!


  1. Very nice collection, Sujata! Its true that these foliage plants are a permanent support for our garden and add beauty all year round and that's the very reason they form integral part of all gardens, big or small.

  2. Hi Sujata
    A lot of these plants look familiar to those I see in Malaysia. It's a pity that you lost some plants, but it will be fun to start collecting again... I love the fluffy looking ones a lot - in the 4th and last photos.
    Thanks for visiting my blog - good luck with your planter!

  3. Hello Sujata

    hope everything is fine! Hows "Delhi ki Sardi" - LOL

    Its really cold here!

    Please check my latest post at

    It would be great if you can be a part of Indian Maali

  4. That's a cool collection, Sujata. I wish it grows into a huge garden! Good luck!

  5. hi sujata.. i'm sad to hear about ur loss.. plants after all are nothing less than frnds for us gardeners isnt it? hope u revive ur collection soon..
    P.S. have added ur blog to my blogroll.. hope u don't mind.



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