Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My balcony garden

I have a small balcony garden and I just love to sit out there and enjoy all the flowers that are blooming all around me!

The Dahlias this year though were not as huge as the ones last year and of the 30 plus pots I planted only about half of them flowered. The plants looked healthy along but bore no flowers and I have no idea why that happened.
Some of the plants that seem to have no plans of flowering.


  1. Dahlias! Wow!!! Mine just died back :( I repotted the bulbs, hope it sprouts...
    Plants seem to have their own mind, eh!
    Lovely shots there.

  2. Lovely Dahlias !

  3. Thanks CS and Zindagi!
    CS, do the Dahlia bulbs really sprout again..my gardener tells me they tend to rot.

  4. Hi, I wish i could bring back Indian Maali, There is some payment issue and i do not have a credit card for the payment. and I can't get one here. The nearest place to get a credit card for me is Chandigarh and that is not so convenient. Hope to find some alternative.

  5. Wow, your dahlias are so beautiful. I have not been so lucky with them so far.

  6. Lovely Dahlias... and it is so amazing that you could grow these beauties in your balcony.
    But yeah, some flower and some dont. They need to be coaxed out of their comfort zone... Let them take their time.



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