Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ornamental foliage..time for a change!

All summer my garden and my balcony have been mostly devoid of flowers. My attempts at growing Sunflowers and Zinnias failed miserably. I needed to see some color and soon! So I went to a nursery and treated myself to some bright red Poinsettias and some brightly colored Coleus.
balcony gardenWith foliage colored as brightly as that, who needs flowers?!


  1. That was such a wonderful thing to do! Sometimes things just do not go our way and a visit to the nursery adds color not only to the garden but also to our face.

  2. Beautiful colours; gladden the heart

  3. Thanks GT and JSB for dropping by!

  4. Wow Sujata! Those plants you picked up are marvellous. Your place look really wonderful now. Good thinking... colourful bracts and foliage are as lovely as flowers.

  5. Those are wonderful plants to have especially when you want good vibrant colours. Do take the trouble to trim and replant them when they go leggy as these plants will eventually die off after its maturity.
    I had many coleus but all of them had gone extinct as I had not re-propagate them in time.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and adding my blogpage at your bloglist. Im truly touched.

  6. Gode billeder.
    Smukke planter.
    Tak for kigget.

  7. @Radha-Thank you!
    @Stephanie-Thanks! I am rather happy to have all that color around me!
    @James-Thanks for the tips on Coleus. Like you mentioned I too did not care to replant my earlier Coleus on time but this time I plan to keep my collection going! You have a wonderful blog.
    Landohaven-Thank you for visiting.

  8. true... poinsettias indeed are instant mood up-lifters... the coleus looks quite tempting.. i feel like picking a stem from there and rooting my own! waiting for the weather to make-up its mind here so i can start with coleus and caladiums..



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