Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mauled by monkeys!

Recently, one morning when I woke up and went outside on my balcony, I was dismayed to find that the beautiful Plumeria tree, outside the boundary of my house had been badly damaged by monkeys. They had broken off many of the branches and there were leaves and branches strewn all over. The tree looks very sad and bare now. I hope it recovers soon.


  1. Monkeys!!! We have occupied their jungles, now where do they go? At my mom's place they break car wipers, open water tank taps and drink water, even walk into homes and eat from the fridge... they generally check before steeping out :) I take a lot of pictures whenever I visit :)

  2. How annoying! Are they resident in the area or just passing through?
    Maybe you can limit the damage by planting cuttings from that broken limb?

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  4. What a Nuisance...We too have a lot many monkeys visiting our green patch...mauling our vege patch.Just the other day, one of them walked in. opened the refrigerator n helped himself to two boiled potatoes kept inside.... Some Gutso I must say!

  5. Great blog Sujata :)

    Have featured it on mine

  6. PERFEKT.I em from croatia.

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