Friday, June 25, 2010

Where have all the flowers gone?

My garden is looking pretty colorless these days. The temperature is hovering around 44-45 degrees celsius and the heat is unbearable. And in case you are wondering, this was a rare day when it wasn't sunny because there was a dusty haze all over the city.
The only flowers blooming are the Portulacas on my balcony. And though the pots are too big for the planters, I decided I didn't mind them standing on them rather than in them.

And while we are on the subject of planters, these were made from wooden pallets, by a carpenter working at my home. And I quite like the way they have turned out though they have yet to be painted/polished. And that's because I'm basically not sure what to do! Any advice on the same, is welcome.


  1. Heard Delhi is cooling down with the rains. Hopefully you will see some flowers. Nice pots btw.

  2. The wooden planters look great just the way they are. Natural.

  3. @Natti- Just a smattering of rain..nothing much. We still have some days to go before the monsoon arrives. Just love the rains!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    @indianhomemaker- Thanks,I like natural too, though I've read somewhere that I need to do something to protect them from the elements.
    Thanks for visiting.

  4. I hope the rains will start in earnest soon, both for the sake of your flowers and because I will be in Delhi quite a bit over the course of July...

    As for the planters, maybe there is some sort of clear glaze that would both protect the wood and retain the natural appearance, which does look quite lovely on your terrace.

  5. @CG..The rains should definitely be here by July. What will you be doing In Delhi?
    For the planters, I too was thinking of some clear PU glaze.

  6. I think your planters look great. Hope the rain comes soon for you.

  7. wow ..this is an amazing idea...i havent seen anything like this before...I am sure it will give a more chick urban look to any garden...plz leave it like that as its simple look is its have a beautiful garden and blog...

  8. The wooden crates and the mud pots looks fabulous!! Have you tried painting these crates, I found it striking at a store I visited recently. Loved going through your blog, am joining your follower-list :)

  9. The ones I saw were painted a bright blue, and dark green, yes, with that rustic look :)) You should try it Sujata!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog, I loved it!



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