Saturday, October 31, 2009

A visit to the plant nursery

Recently I visited the Sunder Nagar Govt. nursery with a dear friend of mine. The nursery is spread in 60 acres and is located near Humayun's Tomb. They had the most beautiful crimson dwarf Cannas which we both just loved and bought. Their color was so striking that we were amazed. We also bought some herbs to plant-celery, parsley.Their foliage collection was beautiful and extensive- rows and rows of potted plants under huge trees. We spent a good hour just walking around and soaking in the beauty. Wish we had more time to explore coz it's spread in a huge area.


  1. Lovely cannas.
    Came in from Blotanical incidentally. Hope we're going to see you there a lot.

  2. 60 acres? What a fantastic place to look around, walk, and buy! Lovely images. The reds are striking!

  3. Hi, well be sensible, well-all described

  4. Hey!! Tell me What are prices of plants in that nursery??
    Are they expensive or cheap??

  5. I want to thank you. You guys have helped me take care of my mothers plant after she passed away. thank you for such great help!



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