Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The garden makeover..

This is my house after major reconstruction/renovations... knocked down almost all the walls on both floors and reconstructed with an entirely new plan.
And this time around, as you can see there are planters built into the design so that we could have plants all around! However, lost many of my potted plants and those in my garden in the process because there was no safe place to keep them.
Would be grateful for any suggestions for some other plants that can be placed in the planter outside the L shaped glass windows? Currently I have money plant pots placed there. Would need a minimum fuss plant that has stems trailing down about 4-5 feet. The area gets plenty of sunlight.


  1. How lovely! You got a beautiful house.
    There is a whole lot you could experiment with. A combination of phlox, pansies and foliage to brighten up the sils. Lilies, asters, godetia, dianthus, petunia, begonia could be others. It depends on the colors you'd like, height of plants, combinations etc.
    You could try setting up a container water garden with penny wort, water lettuce and water lilies.

  2. Hi Sujata, a very warm welcome to the Garden blogging world! Its always a great feeling to discover an Indian garden blogger! When I started blogging around three years back, I missed interacting with bloggers who share the same geography,flora, culture... In essence, something was missing from the wholesome blogging experience. But now with so many Indian garden bloggers around I feel a part of an ever growing community who can share their experiences and solve their problems.
    I think UrbanGreen has answered your query very nicely. With seasonal plants you can often change the look of your balcony and you'll have plenty of colour around. You can even experiment with vegetables esp green leafy ones!
    Do keep us updated.
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.



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