Saturday, October 24, 2009

My balcony garden display!

My favorite place in my home is my balcony, especially in the mornings. I just love to sit out there and have my cup of tea and enjoy the greenery all around.


  1. That looks very inviting, Sujata. I'm surprised to see the Christmas flowers in bloom already. Lovely place to sit and enjoy the plants/view!

  2. Even I'm surprised too, its too early for Poinsettia to bloom. Mine will take around one month. You Balcony looks very nice!! Where in Delhi are you based?

  3. No magic involved here Kanak GT. I bought these from a nursery a couple of weeks ago. They probably got these from somewhere cooler coz he said their own Poinsettias from last year would bloom only after a month or so.
    GT,I am based in Civil Lines- Thats near Delhi University. Its the northern ridge area, very green and peaceful.
    Thanks for stopping by Kanak GT.

  4. Oh your balcony's looking much better than mine at the moment. We're going into winter, and at the moment most of my pots look bare. Only I know there are bulbs beneath the soil just waiting to push through in spring...



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