Monday, October 26, 2009

The planter outside

The Golden Bottlebrush has been planted in the ground since then because the leaves were drying up. It had probably overgrown the pot it was in. Still looking for some suitable plant for the window 'frame'. Suggestions are very welcome.
The planter on top has bougainvillea pots. Have recently repotted them all. Hoping and wishing for a profusion of colors all the year around.


  1. You have a golden bottle brush and I can't wait to see the blooms. I see that you have a balcony here. Some cascading vines will be great.

  2. Sujata, your house is lovely! I think your bougainvilleas will look great on top. About the frame, why not go for a profusely flowering shrub in a large pot? That way the 'view' can change too. And some of the trailing foliage plants (as seen in Urban Green's last post) that can be trimmed whenever necessary.

  3. @Autumn Belle..Thanks for stopping by. I have money plant on the balcony trailing down. What vines would you suggest?

    @Kanak.Thank You. The bougainvilleas are there but not very bushy. Hoping they will healthy up soon.
    Would love it if you could suggest some flowering that the window can have a floral view all year.



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