Monday, October 19, 2009

A demolished garden and starting again from scratch

Recently I had major renovations going on in my house and my garden was completely destroyed because of all the building materials lying around in it. So this is what the space looked like after major cleaning up! Earlier, there were mounds of rubble in it about 5-6 feet high.
I was able to save my palms(near the boundary wall) with great difficulty. Also sadly, I lost many of my potted plants despite shifting them around a hundred times to keep them out of the way of all the debris.


  1. Welcome to our world, Sujata. I'm always glad to find gardener friends and finding you in sun-baked Delhi, is an absolute delight. Your picture on 'starting from scratch' had me hooked. I'll wait to see how you turn around your green living space. You got six months to get our garden up and blooming for spring. Good luck!
    You'll see me popping in now and then.
    Thanks for following me, will see you around.
    *Urban Green waves at Sujata*

  2. Thnaks for the warm welcome Urban Green. Your six month deadline is giving me the jitters! Will try to get my act together asap.

  3. It may seem a daunting task to get you garden back but you will be able better plan it since you have a blank slate. Welcome to the world of garden bloggers. You will find all the mental help here from friends across the globe. I'm Helen and I garden on the small island of Barbados in the West Indies. Used to be known for our prowess in the game of cricket, now we are known for the lack of it and are the worst team in the world LOL. I am not much of a cricket fan so I can say that without much heartache. We all know the pain when doing construction work. Workmen do not see nor care for plants when they have a job to do. So I made a vow to remove as many plants from the area long before they start. Well good luck and I will be happy to give any advice (I love to give LOL) if called upon.



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