Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dahlias..........until we meet again

Its time to bid goodbye to the Dahlias and these are the last blooms of this season.

Isnt this one just beautiful?

Nature's color combinations are perfect aren't they?
It seems so long before I'll get to see them again...


  1. Awwww! Those are lovely, too bad that you'll have to let them go temporarily. Do they not bloom in summer? I thought they did though. Of course, I sowed Dahlia late last year and it died last month...

  2. Yes,another years wait.Though,you might plant some Sunflower.Will not come in as many shades but the size and the aura of the flowers is great.

  3. CS, they don't bloom in summer. Its already touching 40 C in Delhi!
    Antara, I did plant a whole row of the Teddy Bear Sungold, but not one seedling germinated :( not sure what I did wrong. Am planning to buy some seedlings now!
    Thanks CS and Antara for visiting.



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