Saturday, April 23, 2011

Summer color in the garden

The Portulacas have begun to bloom and are spreading fast.
The seedlings below, in the beginning of April.
Love the bright colors!

They have self seeded in the ipomea pots. I am looking forward to seeing that interesting mix once they bloom.


  1. I am new to blogging and am am amateur gardener.Loved ur simp;e and sweet blogs.hope we can share our little garden exploits.please visit my blog at

  2. It's really a great plant to grow and summer hardy at that! I remember having the pink, yellow, white, and orange ones and the magenta, magenta + white, yellow + orange double varieties, but they were getting too weedy that they spread eveywhere - to all the pots!!! So, I had to be ruthless and let it go out of my garden space :(
    Wonderful photos!

  3. Yes they are pretty! And somehow I find that your portulaca looks a little different from what we have. Quite unusual. Can't wait to the mix with ipomoea later :-D

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  5. Antara, thanks for dropping by. Was great to visit your blog.

    CS, you are right. They have self seeded in my Ipomea pots but I am looking forward to seeing them bloom especially coz there is hardly anything blooming in the scorching Delhi heat!

    Steph, Would love to see a pic of your portulacas. I should have some doubles and bi-color Portulacas blooming later.

  6. Hey! beautiful flowers. Are these also called 9'o clock flower? I planted them last summer.. but the plant stopped flowering after the onset of winter. Any idea if they have a flowering season? Then maybe I can wait for this summer for the flowers



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