Saturday, May 14, 2011

The monkey raid

On the morning of the 14th, as I admired the Asiatic Lillies blooming around me I felt so happy.
These were from bulbs bought last year and I wasn't sure they would bloom. The shoots had shown up very late and I expected the Delhi heat to get them before they would bloom. The ones from fresh bulbs bought this year had bloomed and faded away more than a month ago.
Every morning I would look at the buds expectantly. And then, they bloomed and I was sooo happy!
They were exquisite and I was thrilled...
But my happiness was shortlived. That evening a group of monkeys raided my balcony and pulled off each and every bloom. They did not spare even a single Lilly. There were so many buds waiting to bloom but they snapped off the top of each stem mercilessly. I was aghast at the way they targeted the Lillies. It made no sense to me.
I tried desperately to scare them away from inside the glass door of the balcony. But they were aggressive and charged towards us, leaping at the glass and hitting it. There were three of them running up and down the balcony and the adjoining planter. The monkeys were not in the least bit scared of us. So I just gave up and watched them helplessly while they mauled my Lillies.

It was just horrible. I took these pictures when it was all over. Not what I had envisaged for the GBBD post.


  1. I can relate....Monkeys create quite a havoc here in Lucknow as well. They recently marauded my Bougain Bonsai Tray which had some 5 torch glow plants growing. I too was heartbroken.
    Your Liliums are gorgeous!

  2. How terrible! And the lilies were so lovely. And a coincidence that I had just posted about the same plant.

  3. Oh my, I have deer to contend with here that maul my flower beds! Beautiful blooms!

  4. Asiatic Lilies are a treat to watch.I luv daylilies more, m growing lots of them so have space for only a couple of asiatic lilies.

    Adnan from Pakistan.

  5. Pretty lilies! And oh, what a damage the monkeys have caused!

  6. OMG!
    I really feel the loss!
    Like my heart been ripped off.
    I guess I would grow thorned plants instead to ward off these monkeys away.

  7. @James- Thats exactly what I felt while I was standing there, helplessly watching them break off each and every Lily. They did not spare even the buds.

  8. Gosh!! I am unable to control my anger and hurt as i read this.. I really can't imagine what you must have gone through.. Someone broke off a stem from my fuschia recently just for fun and i cried buckets.. We nurture our plants like children.. can't bear anyone hurting them.. isn't it?

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