Sunday, May 8, 2011

I think I have killed it!

About a month ago I bought this beautiful coleus from a nursery. Its leaves were ruffled with serrated edges and a beautiful bright yellow green color. I loved it immediately and kept it on the sunny edge of my balcony. I thought it loved it there...
Until one day last week when I noticed that its leaves had burned. Delhi in summers gets very hot and the temperatures here are already touching 42 C/108 F and the tiled floor of my balcony gets very hot too. I guess it got too hot for it. I am surprised it happened so fast that I did not notice it . I wish I had kept it in the shade.
And this is what it is looking like now. Though the little leaves at the bottom give me hope I am not sure it will survive...


  1. I have also bought Coleuses but kept them in the shade..Its pretty much the same weather here.In the past few days,I have lost a lot of plants also due to the heat.

  2. I hope the plant bounces back later. Mine is doing well in partial shade. Not as pretty as yours. This one has beautiful foliage. Best of luck!

  3. Sujata, I have not grown this green coleus before. It's a pretty one. I pity it got burnt. I hope those little leaves will grow bigger and more leaves later. Have a great Sunday!

  4. I killed 2 plants recently. Same like you, I bought 2 beautiful flower plants and in a month they got burnt because of less sunlight in gallery.
    I have started an online gardening blog. Hope it goes well



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