Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Poinsettia delight!

Among the many pots on my roof top garden, I had noticed a foliage plant which looked very familiar but one which I couldn't quite place or identify. I didn't remember bringing it home from any nursery. Every time I looked at it I would wonder where it came from. Its the second pot on the left against the wall.
Below is a close up of the leaves. 
And then one day recently, I was very pleasantly surprised when I looked at the leaves. They were turning red!! And that is when it registered. It was a Poinsettia!

Every year around November, I buy many beautiful Poinsettia plants because I just love them. They lift my mood instantly!

And by April they all wither and die one by one. I've tried to keep them alive by keeping them in the shade and shielding them from the Delhi heat but not one survived ever. I've tried planting them in the ground hoping they would be able to survive that way. But nothing seemed to help. In the picture below you can see one with most of the leaves gone.
And now it is just great to see that one of them survived, after all! And I have absolutely no clue how it survived our Delhi heat when temperatures go up to 114 degrees fahrenheit!

I am thrilled and it is looking prettier every day.

Thanks to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My roof top terrace garden

All I will say is that I am rather pleased with my roof top terrace garden these days!
Lets get Wordless! on ABC Wedesday!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My balcony garden with Poinsettias, Mums and Coleus

My balcony is looking rather dressed these days with Chrysanthemums, Coleus and my favorite Poinsettias. Every year I take a trip to the nursery around November and buy some Poinsettias which I then flaunt on my balcony. The plants this year are rather small and two of them have lost a branch each so they are looking even smaller now. Poinsettia branches sadly are rather brittle!

I grow the Chrysanthemums on my rooftop terrace garden as it gets good sunlight unlike my lawn which is shaded by huge trees growing just outside the boundary wall of my house. Once the buds make an appearance, we take the pots down to the balcony where we can enjoy them even more.
 Rows of Chrysanthemum pots on the terrace.
And brought down to the balcony now.


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