Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dahlias... so beautiful!

I just happen to love Dahlias as you must have gathered from my recent posts. On my visit to the Garden Festival at the Garden of Five Senses, in February, I got to see some really beautiful ones. Some like this spidery beauty below were completely unusual..never seen anything like them before.
Another unusual one was a pretty little miniature specimen with beautifully folded tiny petals.
The one below was such a beautiful and bright crimson that it took your breath away. Notice the delicately shaped petals and the yellow centre!
Ofcourse there was no dearth of giant Dahlias in multi colored hues.

Last year's Dahlias

These are some of the Dahlias from last year. They were big and beautiful!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My balcony garden

I have a small balcony garden and I just love to sit out there and enjoy all the flowers that are blooming all around me!

The Dahlias this year though were not as huge as the ones last year and of the 30 plus pots I planted only about half of them flowered. The plants looked healthy along but bore no flowers and I have no idea why that happened.
Some of the plants that seem to have no plans of flowering.


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