Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yucca Elephantipes... Silver Star

In October, 2009, my garden or rather what used to be my garden was a mass of rubble due to the renovation of my house. All my plants, except for a couple of palm clumps and a few pots of foliage, had been destroyed. I still remember going to a nursery to buy some plants for starting my garden and picking up three Yuccas which looked so striking. The Yucca Elephantipes are beautiful landscape plants which are extremely hardy. I planted them on the edge of my lawn which gets a good deal of sun and other than that they have pretty much looked after themselves.

A couple of years later...
Running a little wild here...

Looking quite stately after being stripped of the bottom leaves..


  1. het groeit wel ontzettend snel.

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  3. Hi Sujata,
    You have a lovely garden and blog really inspiring thank you.


  4. Hey Sujata!
    Great work in your Garden!:)
    Where do you get your seeds from, im based in Delhi as well!

    1. Thanks, Disha!
      I mostly buy saplings from Masjid Nursery near Khan Market or sometimes from Sundar Nagar Nursery too.
      I seem to fail with seeds though a couple of times I collected seeds from my own flowers and got good results!

  5. You have a beautiful garden. Keep posting.

  6. Hi Sujatha,
    MWAHHH…for that “Star shaped MUMS”! Imagine a kitchen spreading the glint of kitchen garden (“Chrysanthemums”)?? My big XOXOXO for my friend, who pampers green covers at home  :O

    …Life cherishes with those little green friends at home! And cozy golden beauties blooming in your garden “Marigold in my garden” ♥♥

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  12. Hello Sujata ji,

    I like your blog, nice pics of healthy plaints and i also like your gardening techniques.


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  14. Really nice garden, thanks for sharing it.

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  20. hey gayathri i just love palm trees keepn nupdating about such species.

  21. hii.i liked your garden,pictures that you have posted really shows that how hard you have worked for your plants to reach this stage.



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