Monday, May 12, 2014

Self seeding Periwinkle, Portulaca and Celosium

Many of the Periwinkle, Celosium and Zinnia seedlings that I had planted this year, died for reasons still unclear to me, as I had mentioned in my last post. Having paid so much for those seedlings when I could have them for free, motivated me to try to collect some seeds for next year.
And while I was on the collection spree I discovered some hidden treasures in the form of seedlings of Periwinkle, Portulaca and Celosium that had self seeded from last year! These I promptly transplanted into pots where they could grow unhindered.
Here are some Portulaca and Periwinkles which have self seeded in the Croton pot.

 Lots of little seedlings of Celosia Plume in an empty pot.
 Vinca and Portulaca in my Poinsettia pot.

Some Periwinkle seedlings in the Tuberose container which has been lying next to the Periwinkle plant (in the foreground) for many months now.
Some of the little treasures I discovered transplanted into new pots. Here, I have not yet taken out the wilted seedlings hoping against hope that they might still "wake up".


  1. O wat groeit alles mooi bij je het is heel mooi aan het uitlopen allemaal.

  2. So nice to see seeds germinate into seedlings and grow to flowering. It's like seeing your own baby grow up!

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  4. I have self-sowing periwinkles too and just love that about them. They are such a hardy plant and grow and bloom with little care.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  5. hi sujata.... hav u planted guldaudi........???? could u plz xplain which varieties do u like the most.........?

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  8. Oh dear it feels great to meet you even if it's virtually. Thanks for stopping by at my post. I am delighted to see yours. Have planted Vinca, periwinkle, portulaca and cockscomb myself. Let's keep in touch through this. I shall share my own eureka moments in my blogs. Grateful indeed for all the kind words that you have spoken. I felt heard and listened to. God bless. Three cheers and don't get upset when some don't come out the way you would've wanted...I guess nature has it's mysteries and maybe not all we can unravel...even when we are at it. I have tried all possible ways for certain seeds but they just won't come out as proper saplings. So now I have decided to get saplings instead of tearing my hair in despair. That's what I did this time with Vinca, portulaca, Celosia, zinnia and balsam too. Yeah all the summer plants. :) :) :)
    Oh yes I am talking much now but let me confess earlier I used to cry when my 'babies' died...and I still do. Sometimes it's the chilly frost and other times it's also the loo. But then nature keeps installing hope. So let's just keep at it and I guess in time we shall know how to do even better than what we r doing. Affections and wish you happy heathy blossoming many many 'babies'.

  9. Hi sujata
    I have recently started growing plants in pots I belong to Delhi so far its been 4 months but still my plants are not growing can you please suggest some tips

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    Keep it up!

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