Thursday, May 1, 2014

Summer seedlings and plants!

Let me show you my treasure trove from the nursery, that I got last week! I got seedlings and small plants of Celosia and seedlings of Periwinkle, Portulaca, Zinnia and Cosmos. I also got some Kochia Grass which strangely I cannot spot in the cartons below.I also bought a Coral Jasmine plant, two small Jasmine Sambacs and a Night Blooming Jasmine, all for their lovely fragrance.
I have potted the last of these seedlings today. It was quite an exercise with more than 50 pots to fill and more than a 100 seedlings to plant!


 Jasmine Sambac or Motia
Ornamental Peppers and Cosmos

Periwinkle in the foreground
 And Zinnia


  1. Hi Sujata,

    Thanks for sharing. Lots of seedlings :)
    From which nursery did you get all of these seedlings.

  2. Hello Anil. I got these from Masjid Nursery near Khan market.
    Also got some from Master Seeds at Barafkhana.Thanks for dropping by.

    1. Thanks Sujata for reply... How much it will cost you?
      Just curious in Gurgaon summer seedling are not cheap, they costing at 5-10 Rs. per seedling.

    2. All seedlings were 10 bucks each both at Masjid Nursery and at Master Seeds.

  3. Sujata, your flowers and ornamental peppers are so gorgeous ! I love these colors !

    1. Thanks Ela! Since I posted I have lost two of the peppers but I have saved the seeds for the future! Thanks for visiting!

  4. I am from Chennai .I will give a try at summer seedlings and plants you have listed. You can also give a try on Hydroponics.For more details visit : & .

  5. Hi Sujatha,
    Loved your summer collections. Just starting my own garden. Would you be able to advise me on some colourful border plants. I also wanted to get hanging baskets for the balcony. Where in Delhi can i pick them from?

    1. Hi Rachana! Well, I'm no expert but multicolored Zinnia and Portulacas flowers would be good as a border in summers. If you like colorful foliage then Coleus leaves look quite stunning. Also, the fresh green balls of Kochia would look nice and orderly as a border. Do tell me what you get finally. The hanging baskets should be available at most nurseries. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Hello, I am doing vegetable gardening so can you please write about winter season vegetable seeds?
    This article is very good and I am following it.

  7. HiSujata, I am a gardening enthusiast and I just came across your blog.
    I am having serious trouble figuring which flowering plants should be best for Indian summers. I stay in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
    I have attained success only in zinnias (orange giant) and vinca (prennials).

    I love celosia. Will they do good in summers here? When should I sow the seeds?
    (I love propagating my plants from seeds rather than buying them from nursery)
    I humbly request you to guide me along.



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